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My first attempt at time-lapse was a bit of a fiasco. What went wrong?

First off, I didn't take enough photos (only 1800). I greatly underestimated how many pics I would need for the 3-minute video I was planning. My shooting window was from 9PM - 12PM. Not enought time. Another four hours would've helped. Second, the weather worked against me. Usually in Croatia I can count on sunny skies, clear nights and a ton of stars. This particular summer was freakish and it rained constantly, with cloudy skies at night.

Finally, I should've paid more attention to the camera. While it was automatically taking photos every 90 seconds, I was sitting on the terrace sipping wine with family and friends. I should've been adjusting the shutter speed as it got darker and darker, but instead my little old Canon kept over-compensating for the darkness.

A spur of the moment Halloween time-lapse project.

I didn't have high hopes for this one but it came out suprisingly better than I thought. Thank you New Yorkers for getting into the spirit of the holiday! The night started in a restaraunt on the West Side, where everyone was dressed as ghouls, gobblins, villians and superheros. My wife and I were experimenting with the Canon point and shoot, taking quick, small bursts of photos of the cast of characters dining nearby.

From there we went to the annual Halloween parade and moved through the revellers, snapping photos. All of the shots were hand held (no tripod), which made for a lot of blurry pics, especially the ones taken over the heads of the crowd watching the parade! All in all, I learned a few lessons for next year.

The photos that comprise this little video were shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon SX280HS pocket camera.
The Photos

Green Lightning

Wings In Gold

Snow Burst

Snow Blind

Xmas Time Warp

Rockefeller Tree Sparkle

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